Marcus Law

Instrument: Drums

Kit: Sonor Drums

Sticks: Vic Firth

Cymbols: Zildjian & Sabian

Influences: Travis Orbin, Bobby Jarzombek, Mike Mangini, Alex Rüdinger, Tyler Bates, Steve Jablonsky, Thomas Haake, Mike Wengreen, Ben Sharp, Alex Grind, Fornax Chemica, Hans zimmer, Dave McClain, Jamie Postones

Short Bio
Marcus Law started learning the drums around age 14 and started with a teacher pretty much from day one. He continued getting lessons on and off from various teachers for around the first 6 years of his playing. During this time he learnt his way around the kit in a number of different styles including rock, funk, metal, latin etc... He has been self taught ever since, keeping an open mind to the vast world of music. Although to this day, with his love of many different types of music, progressive metal is by far where he feels most at home.

For a more detailed description of Marcus' gear and set up click here.