Nathan Law

Instrument: Guitar

Guitar: Schecter

Strings: Ernie Ball

Effects: Tc-Electronic

Influences: John Petrucci, Ben Sharp, Mats Haugen, Tosin Abasi, Meshuggah, Mikael Akerfeldt, Steve Wilson.

Short Bio
Nathan started playing the drums during his early years in high school and continued for 5 years. After around 3 years of playing the drums he started to get into guitar and has not looked back since. Nathan started off being influenced by Rammstein and Metallica, then having a short inspirational period of System Of a Down and Pantera. After 2 years he gave up the sticks and focused all his effort on guitar and started to listen to progressive metal bands like Dream Theater, Cloudkicker, Opeth and Porcupine Tree, bands which still have a huge impact on his playing style.

For a more detailed description of Nathan's gear and set up click here.