Just under a week until our next gig! Come join us for an action packed night with our friends in Blindfolded and Led to the Woods to celebrate the end of an era, and give Cripple Mr Onion the send of they deserve! We have been working hard on a new song and a col theme to our set. See you there, or be square. -N.L- #ravenskill #bumblebee Facebook event: Tickets from:

Getting ready backstage. On at 9:30! Feeling the feels. #5/4

Dusting off those cobwebs. Time to prog 😎

Taking a quick break from the new song to get the old songs back up to scratch. Here's the hardest part from 7757. It's about 90% there!

Got the second half of this pattern down at 75%. Next step, gettin those kicks in there then hats! Stay tooned :) Thanks for watching!

Working on this section of our song last night. This is at 75%. Still need to learn the other half then add kicks and hats, then get it up to 100% One of the hardest things i've had to tackle. Courtesy of Nato G! Thanks for watching :)

Writing some new Rifs!

Setting up for the show tonight! Doors open at 8, CDs for sale at $20! Backbeat bar Auckland. 100 k road above the rockshop.

Tonight we have the final thing from the album that we will share before the gig on Friday. Our new music video for the song Android Xvi. Thanks to Matthias Law and Raw Cinematics for their help in creating it.

Good Evening! The last album sample before our video release this week and then the gig on Friday! Enjoy! -N.L-